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Our drinks menu has been carefully curated around sustainability and our rooftop garden. We have made tinctures, syrups and oils to create a superb array of inventive cocktails and boast an extensive wine, spirits and craft beer menu.

Classic Cocktails

$ 23
Japanese Slipper
$ 23
Whisky Sour
$ 23
Old Fashioned
$ 23
Espresso Martini
$ 23
Vodka Martini
$ 23

$22 (w/ Absolut $23, w/ Wyborow Exquisite $24, Belvedere $24 w/ Grey Goose $24)

Gin Martini
$ 23

$22 (w/ Four Pillars $24, w/ Hendricks $24)

House Cocktails

Savage Garden
$ 24

A perennial favourite at Loop Roof, this refreshing garden oasis has become an evergreen staple enjoyed by all who sample her floral delights. Deciduously delicious! Stolichnaya Cucumber Vodka, Crème de Violette, Lavender, and yuzu soda

Sunkist Fantasy
$ 23

Bloody fantastic! Fresh citrus carries bold blood orange flavours through a deceptively boozy sipper - orange soda never tasted so grown-up. Malfy Blood Orange Gin, Minello Blood Orange Liqueur, Beefeater Dry Gin, Regan’s Orange Bitters, fresh lemon, sparkling water, and a hint of Aperol.

$ 24

Fruity. Tangy. Complex yet easy. The Foxtail fuses cumquat gin with peach liqueurs and tonic wine for one of our more easily drinkable cocktails. A top seller that can bring forth nostalgia of icy-poles and candy from the past. Good for any time of year. Brookies Cumquat gin, Creme de Peche, Maidenii Tonique Quinquina, Lemon

Miss Muffet
$ 24

Obtuse yet inviting. Miss Muffett’s flavour profile reveals something new with each sip. Sweet liqueurs and Aperol keep things friendly while a brooding backbone of Rye Whiskey and bitters give it an exciting edge. Our friendly nod to the Paper Plane. Gospel Rye, Aperol, Dom Benedictine, Lemon

Elephant Bush
$ 24

Our rich and decidedly festive stir-down cocktail. Nuanced spiced rum and honey sweetened scotch whiskey luxuriate together on a bed of sweet vermouth and fig and cinnamon bitters. Loop Roof’s drinkable Christmas pudding. Drambuie, Rum Bouillon, Antica Formula, Fig and Cinnamon bitters

String of Hearts
$ 24

Our fluffy String of Hearts is as approachable as it is decadent. Bourbon, butterscotch schnapps and a variety of desert adjacent liqueurs are shaken up into an effortlessly drinkable cloud of marshmallow. One of our two desert cocktails. Gentleman Jack, Massannez white curacao, Butterscotch Schnapps, orange curacao, chocolate bitters.

Golden Barrel Cactus
$ 24

Spicy. Smokey and sweet. The beautiful Golden Barrell defies a seasonal tag. It has the spiced smokiness of a winter cocktail and the bright fruity ease of a summer cocktail to boot. Mescal, pear juice and spiced fruit liqueurs sing under a blanket of habanero bitters and zest. St George pear, Union Mezcal, cinnamon syrup, Pear Juice, Hellfire bitters

Parrots Beak
$ 25

This fun spin on the coconut classic uses Victorian based small batch rum distillery and loop bartender favourites Jimmy rum as a base. Jimmy rum silver shines through and gives the cocktails its distinct banana flavour without the need for crappy additions of artificial flavour. Add this with pineapple, coconut lime and love and you have a winner! Did I mention it comes in a parrot glass? Jimmy rum, Pineapple Juice, lime, Coco Lopez, Banana puree


Sparkling & Champagne

Matile Pinot Grigio 2021 - Italy
$ 14/80

‘Wonderful aromas of honeydew melon, fresh pears and hay. This Italian white wine is overall light and quaffable, with mineral hints in the finish.’

Rolf Binder Riesling 2021 - Eden Valley, SA
$ 16/80

‘Delightfully aromatic, displaying delicate jasmine floral and ripe citrus aromas on the nose. This wine has a creamy mouthfeel with layers of lemon and apple crumble.’

Delatite ‘ High Ground ’ Chardonnay 2022 - Mansfield, VIC
$ 16/80

‘A palate of lemon and grapefruit, this wine has a distinctive almond flavour to it, as well as melon and oak.’

Post Card Sauvignon Blanc 2022 - King Valley, VIC
$ 13/65

‘Fruit punch on the nose with a hint of cut herbs. Dry gentle gooseberry flavours are matched with bold aromas of lime, and grapefruit.’

Trentham Estate ‘The Family ’ Prosecco NV
$ 14/70

Murray Darling, NSW

Lambrook Estate Sparkling Pinot Noir 2022
$ 16/80

Adelaide Hills, SA

G.H. Mumm NV Champagne
$ 160

Champagne, France

Red & Rose'

Kilikanoon‘ Killerman’s Run’ GSM 2021 - Clare Valley, SA
$ 15/75

‘Lively fruits, red liquorice strap and savoury five spice fill the mouth with a long and vibrant cherry, plum finish.

Enfant de Lune Syrah 2021
$ 16/80

‘Floral yet chalky/mineral with native blossom, coffee grounds, Turkish Delight and some charcuterie depth. Spiced and spicy

Casa Rosso Merlot & Cabernet Sauvignon 2021 - King Valley, VIC
$ 13/65

A vibrant mid-red coloured wine with ripe black cherry aromas on the nose. The generous mid-palate is a mouthful of ripe cherries with savoury textured undertones

Femme Nouveau Pinot Noir 2017 - SA
$ 13/65

Delicious and seductive, flavours of cherries and red berries.

Lambrook Pinot Noir Rose' - Adelaide Hills, SA
$ 14/70

Aromas of raspberry and cherry, A lively, finely textured palate displaying red berry fruits, soft mineral acidity and a hint of sweetness

Gilardi Domaine Saint Jean Rose 2022 - Mediterranee, France
$ 75

Made from Shiraz, Grenache, Cinsault, with a subtle dryness and flavours of strawberries, lychees & roses.

Beer & Cider On Tap

Furphy Refreshing Ale - Geelong, VIC
$ 8/16/32

Clean and crisp, balanced beer with subtle fruit flavours and aromas. Deep gold in colour and slightly hazy, there’s a subtle maltiness throughout, balanced with a delicate hop character & refreshing, dry finish. - 4.4%

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale
$ 8.5/17/34

All Australian barley, wheat and Galaxy hops from Tasmania, which give the beer its big tropical fruit aromas and flavours and refreshment. ABV 4.4%

Heineken Lager
$ 8/16/32

The most iconic beer brand in the world delivering a richly satisfying flavour with subtle fruity notes

James Squire Orchard Crush Cider - VIC
$ 8.5/17/34

The Apple Cider is unfiltered with a crisp and fresh palate with bucket loads of complexity which finishes with a satisfying medium dry aftertaste

Beer - Pale Ales & Lagers

Kaiju! Crush Tropical Pale Ale - Dandenong South, VIC
$ 14

A super-clean malt profile allows the shipload of juicy tropical fruit flavours to arrive on the desert island of your palate unhindered. - 4.7%

Byron Bay Lager - NSW
$ 13

A balanced, thoughtfully crafted easy drinking beer brewed with all pale malts and a subtle citrus hop. Light gold in colour with a smooth and refreshing taste - 4.2%

Melbourne Bitter - Abbotsford, VIC
$ 13

Melbourne Bitter's initial malty notes, fruity aroma and pleasant body are complimented by the assertive, lingering bitterness of Pride of Ringwood hops, appealing to those who prefer a more robust beer. - 4.6%

Wayward Everyday Ale - Camperdown, NSW
$ 14

The crisp, light malt profile is complemented by aromatic tropical fruit and citrus notes courtesy of Australian Galaxy and American Cascade hops. - 4.2%

XPA, Neipa & Pilsner

Balter XPA - Currumbin, QLD
$ 15

his XPA’s tropical and floral aromatics set off a fruity palette that will punch your taste buds in the pleasure zone. - 5%

Hop Nation Rattenhund Classic Pilsner - Footscray, VIC
$ 13

Gold Medal - Australian International Beer Awards 2023, Traditionally brewed using floor malted Bohemian Pilsner Malt, partnered with Saaz and Spalt Select hops. Fermented long and cool followed by an eight week lagering. - 4.8%

3 Ravens Juicy NEIPA - Thornbury, VIC
$ 17

Vermont-style/New England IPA. Features Australian-grown Triticale (a hybrid of wheat and rye) and heavy whirlpool and dry hop additions - including dry hops at the start of fermentation. Brewed with Pale and Vienna malt, rolled Triticale, Hallertau Blanc, Moutere, El Dorado and Sorachi Ace hops, and an English top-cropping yeast strain renowned for it's stonefruit-like esters and enzymes capable of producing juicy hop aromatics through bio-transformation - 6%

Dark Beers

Guiness Stout - Dublin, Ireland
$ 15

Rich and creamy. Distinctively black. Velvety in its finish. This iconic beer is defined by harmony. Sip after sip, sweet counters bitter as the malt arrives on cue to complement a base of roasted barley. Just as the unmistakable white head sits flush atop the dark beer, so do the flavours counter and combine perfectly. - 4.2%

Modelo Negra - Tacuba, Mexico
$ 15

Brewed longer to enhance the flavors, this Munich Dunkel-style Lager gives way to a rich flavor and remarkably smooth taste. Modelo Negra contains Water, Barley Malt, Non-malted Cereals and Hops. - 5.3%

Cider, Ginger Beer, Low Alcoholic

James Boag's Light - Launceston, TAS
$ 13

A smooth and pleasant bitterness, like its full-strength brother, that provides an easy-drinking and refreshing change. - 2.5%

$ 11

Woodend, VIC

$ 9

Launceston, TAS


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